Rehabs – Cost of Materials & Labor

Welcome to the top selected construction contractors, if you have been accepted as Contractor PRO, it means you operate within our philosophy; honesty and integrity.

Thank you! 

As our Business Partner, one of the advantages that you have, is that you will learn and get the ability to prepare accurate budget cost of materials and labor. Please keep in mind that cost of materials and labor keeps changing constantly, and you should too.

 Remember, all the remodeling jobs that you participate from now on or while you remain a member of our group, each job will go through rigid inspections.

A third-Party Inspector will complete the Final walk through inspections to make sure the job was done observing local and State building codes. Therefore, observing these guidelines and taking our training is essential.


Trash Haul

Remove all trash from






Replace & Repair Lineal Feet of (type of fencing)

Replace & Repair gates

Replace gate hardware


Remove trees & bushes

Trim trees & bushes

Grind tree stumps

Correct yard drainage

Contractor Information

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