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Introduction to Gates-Fence Installation

gates-fence installation Nov 02, 2023

Looking to enhance the security and privacy of your home?

Fencing is the way to go!

With numerous fence types like wood, privacy, split-rail, and basket-weave fences to choose from, find one that suits your needs. While prefabricated panels or fence "pickets" make installing a wood fence a breeze, vinyl and metal fences come in kits that include pre-assembled panels and matching posts. To ensure safety and adhere to regulations, OSHA requires residential construction fences to be at least four feet tall, regardless of the material.

When it comes to fence styles, pre-assembled panels are best for lengthy runs, while components offer greater flexibility for short runs or uneven areas. The solid fence offers total privacy, perfect for concealing unsightly areas or surrounding swimming pools, while spaced picket fences are great for setting boundaries and looking aesthetically pleasing. Shadowbox fences are perfect for creating a "good neighbor" fence, as they have the same appearance on both sides, allowing for better airflow while maintaining the appearance of a privacy panel.

The property boundary must be identified, and fence designs must be discussed with the client and neighbors to avoid future disputes. After marking the fence area's perimeter and measuring gate sizes, the linear footage of the fence must be calculated to determine the number of posts and panels required. If constructing a fence with pickets, the fence posts should be spaced every six to eight feet along the line where the fence will be placed, with consistent spacing between the posts. Digging holes about one-third the depth of the post height and below the frost line in colder regions is essential. Remember to avoid digging in places specified by the utility company.

Investing in a fence is a wise decision that adds value to your property, provides privacy, and enhances security. With these tips, you can build a fence that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us for more information on how to build your dream fence.

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